10,000 mAh Portable Power Bank with LED Display and LED Lights – by Safeconn

LED DISPLAY – The power bank has a LED display which shows you the available capacity of the power bank accurately to 1 % whenever input or output.
SAFETY FUNCTIONS – The smart circuitry of the power bank ensures protection against overcharging, short-circuiting, voltage instabilities, and even over discharging that provides security for you and your connected devices.
Dual smart USB ports provide 2 different input services. 1 amp to input slowly to protect the battery and 2 amps to get a quick charge.

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10,000mAh Power Bank, SCHITEC Quick Charge 3.0 Dual 2 Output Portable External Power Bank Battery Charger Pack for iPhone 7/6/5/4, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Devices, Smart Phones, Tablet PC

Quick Charge 3.0 is Just Better Than 2.0: Compared to QC 2.0, QC 3.0 has 15% greater charging efficiency, charges up to 27% faster, and reduces power consumption by up to 45%. Quick Charge 3.0 offers a more granular range of voltages: 200mV increments, from 5V to 12V. eg 5.2v, 5.4v, 5.6v, 5.8v, 6.0v,6.2v ……. 11.8v etc
10,000mAh capacity with dual TWO USB outputs: 2*5V 2.4A. 3 LED indicators displaying battery percentage and charging status. Grade A Li-ion polymer cell and premium microchips create high-quality portable charger
Safe to use. Supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection, perfectly protects your digital devices from charging accident. Amazing Control board using import IC such as Japan Seiko, MuRata , Samsung and NEC MOS…etc

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10,000mAh Qi Cargador Inalambrico Portable con Pantalla Digital Inteligente, 12 Meses de Garantia (VERDE)

Diseño especial: Usa el cargador inalambrico y los 2 puertos USB para cargar 3 dispositivos al mismo tiempo.
Disfruta la libertad de cargar tus dispositivos inalambricamente. Solo pon tu dispositivo habilitado para cargar inalambricamente en el cargador, para ponerlo a cargar rapido sin tener que conectarlo al puerto USB.
Puertos USB Inteligentes: Cada uno de los 2 puertos automaticamente detecta una optima carga de 2.1A de velocidad para dispositivos Android o iOS. Carga tu dispositivo rapido

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10,000mAhr USB Battery Bank with LED Display for Smartphones – Silver

LED Display shows remaining power. Easy to read display shows percent of battery life remaining. No need to guess.
Easy to store, lightweight pocket sized power bank. 9oz
Durable aluminum case

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100 PERCENT Hybrid Tower Charging Station With AC Outlet And USB Charge For Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Take-out Portable Power Pack (Worry-Free 12-Month Warranty Included)

Rapidly Charge Multiple Devices – Base features 4 USB ports and 2 AC outlets for quickly charging multiple devices simultaneously.
Removable Power Pack for On-The-Go Charging – Detachable, pocket-sized battery comes with both USB and Micro-USB ports, plus a power indicator. Recharging the battery is as easy as placing it atop the base.
Compact and Elegant – Sleek, modern design is small enough to fit on any desk and features blue LED light accents.

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100 PERCENT MPU901 Wall Charging USB Station With Portable Battery that Slides Out, On-The-Go USB Power Pack (Worry-Free 12-Month Warranty Included)

Hidden Power – Press a switch to access a 2600mAh, fully charged power pack, equipped with one USB port and enough power to fully charge a smartphone. Reinsert the power pack to charge it again.
At Capacity – The station has four USB ports that can charge smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices, while the two grounded AC outlets can power laptops and small electronics.
Perfectly Sized – The ultimate charging station fits neatly onto desks and work stations without the bulk of a power strip.

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100 PERCENT MPU951BK Portable Charger with Outlet, 11,600 mAh, Power Bank With AC Outlet Charger, Power Pack for Phones and Other Electronics, USB & AC Charging Station (12-month warranty included)

[USB Charging] Activate USB charging by holding the side button for 5 seconds after inserting connecting your device.
[AC Outlet] The portable charging system comes with a built-in AC outlet, so Small Electronic devices with AC plugs can be recharged without being tethered to a wall outlet (hold side Button For 5 Sec to Activate USB Charging)
[Portable] Take along the Portable Power System to recharge a smartphone, tablet, and other small electronics.

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100% Brand New High Capacity 2750mAh Spare Replacement Standard Battery For AT&T Samsung Exhilarate SGH-i577 Smartphone

* Battery type: Li-ion; Voltage: 3.7V; Capacity: 2750mAh
* Package includes: New 2750mAh Rechargeable Li_ion Battery X 1.
* Compatible with: Samsung Exhilarate SGH-i577( AT&T )

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100% Brand New High Capacity 2x 2600mAh Extended Slim Standard Battery USB/AC Travel Dock Charger With Additional Valueable Accessory For Cricket LG Escape 3 K373 Cell Phone

* For Cricket LG Escape 3 K373 Battery Charger Accessories .
* Package includes : New 2600mAh Rechargeable Li_ion Battery X 2.
* Universal Travel Dock USB/AC Charger X 1 ; Folding Bracket X 1.

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100% Brand New Sporting Persistence High Capacity 2700mAh Spare Extra Standard Battery For Net10 Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini J105M Smartphone

* Authorized Sporting Persistence Dealer.
* Battery type: Li-ion; Voltage: 3.8V; Capacity: 2700mAh.
* Package includes: New 2700mAh Rechargeable Li_ion Battery X 1.

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100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack – 5200mAh Power Bank, Portable Charger, External Battery Pack for iPhone and Android phones

Recharge anytime, anywhere
Works with any phone, Works with any charging cable – Share juice with your friends!
Contains 5200mAh

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